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International Master Level Inter-dermal Make up & Medical Micro-pigmentation  Cosmetic Tattoo Practitioner is Kyrah's most outstanding formal qualification. Her wide range of certified expertise also includes Senior Hair Colourist & Stylist, Make up Artist, Brow Specialist, Tanning Technician & others no longer practised. Kyrah Tuton, Owner, Creative Director, Daughter, Sister, Friend to many, fashion enthusiast & workaholic, foundered Studio Vogue Salon April 26th 2016.

Kyrah sets herself apart from the industry with her etiquette of style & approach. Her Hair, Beauty & Cosmetics Salon was created a modern, every evolving & fashion forward boutique salon with devotion to the execution of perfect aesthetic commonly displayed in every aspect of her life. 


This lived statement further manifests in Studio Vogues Philosophy; Luxury brought to life. Catering to each individuals most sophisticated & desired, high end style. 


The greatest attestant to Kyrah is not however found in a specific element, but rather in her ability to have already set herself as a focal point for women in leadership & the accompanying enthusiasm for getting it right. Kyrah has taken pride in her local community focusing on giving back through as may ways possible. Kyrah believes in the importance to inspire & encourage the empowerment of other women to follow their dreams, have a vision, create goals & be who they really are!

Kyrah has spent her initial stages of life growing up in Rainbow Beach a small costal town within the Wide Bay Burnett region of Queensland, approximately one hour East of Gympie. Before moving to Gympie in the early months of 2014. 


Kyrah says "Rainbow Beach will always be home". However, she reassures she has fallen in love with Gympie & would definitely consider herself a local. She definitely does not miss the long drive daily but does miss the always on holiday vibe & riding her beautiful horses along the picturesque beaches, but says she wouldn't change a thing. Kyrah explains how ever so grateful herself and the whole team is for the love & support the studio has received since opening. Kyrah agrees the people here are truly amazing and some of the best people she's every met. Life changing even!

Stay tuned for what the future holds for Kyrah and her Vogue journey, it's guaranteed  to be one worth going along for!