Small Heading



Life can be a real pain at times and we understand that every now and then things don’t work out as planned. 

However, we are a small business that relies on having our guests turn up to their booked appointment/s, not only so that we can pay the staff member that is

at work ready to do your treatment, but also so we can pay to keep the electricity on, the doors open, the shelves full stocked and so much more! 

When you don’t attend your appointment or don’t give us enough notice that you can’t attend, that also means that we have turned away other clients because

that time was allocated to YOU specifically for that service, which is not fair on us, or the other client/s. 

So to protect all of our loyal guest's appointments, to protect our business from loss of trading, and to ensure your appointment is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible and you get the best us we can be. To ensure this we have adopted the following salon policies. We may use discretion and waive the policy where we deem necessary. By booking with Studio Vogue Salon one automatically agrees to any agreement of engagement and is responsible to make themselves familiar with set policies. 


We greatly appreciate your support of our business and we will endeavour to provide the utmost professional service to you at every appointment.

All clients may be asked to leave a $50 deposit to secure their appointment, which will be deducted from the cost of the actual appointment.


All clients are sent a confirmation SMS prior to their appointment. Failure to confirm to your appointment may result in the appointment automatically being cancelled to accommodate other guests. Please note: it is an automated system and can only receive “YES” responses, no personal messages. 



Due to our commitment to all of our guests if you ring or FB to book there is up to a minimum of 4 weeks before we will be able to fit you in so it is recommended so that you are looked after as you deserve to be PLEASE book your next appointment at the conclusion of each appointment. By rebooking at this time you are making an investment in YOU & you will continue to look & feel your best more importantly. We all know we feel better when we look better, without keeping a regular appointment the neglected maintenance creeps up on us & we want it doing that day which is just impossible for us! So, by securing suitable future appointments allows us to give you our full attention towards your personal investment, keep your schedule/ life organised and stress fee plus allow you to continue to see us and look and feel your best.


As we have all come to know and love our salon owner Kyrah she has become quite the sort after. It is with a heavy heart that Kyrah will be reducing her hours and work load at this time. All appointments with Kyrah must be booked well in advance and rebooked before leaving each booking to ensure this time is secured. Kyrah may exempts herself from all promotional offers and discounts. Surcharges on appointments with Kyrah may apply. 

Please note, all salon staff are additionally personally trained by Kyrah as she encourages you to also book with them for your preferred times as she takes this time for further growth. 


If you are after a once off appointment please also keep the above in mind. If appointments are not rebooked we can add your name to a waiting list and do our best to fit you in. If you have an event coming up please give us plenty of notice to secure your preferred time for said event to avoid disappointment.


Credit Card details required upon large booking/s example weddings/ formals/ multiple services. If for any reason party does not show or cancelation occurs with insufficient notice (1 month for large bookings) 50% off the total service price will be charged. Custom quotes & travel welcomed for group bookings only.


We understand things come up and life doesn't always turn out the way it was planned. However all we ask is that you please be mindful and courteous. 

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required upon canceling/ rescheduling of all appointments. We do ask for is the same courtesy & respect you would expect from us. We ask this as a small business so other valued guests don't miss out and we ask this for our staff who are at work with the doers open, lights on,

fully shocked shelves, ready to look after YOU. Failure to provide 48 hours notice plus all no shows will result in $150 cancellation fee or the full amount of appointments booked, whichever is less.Please note, booked services can not be cancelled on arrival of appointment and will still be charged. If you are late to your appointment you may also incur fee and or be asked to reschedule for another time. We ask that you are on time to your appointment, please allowing enough time for travel and parking to ensure smooth running of our daily schedule and so we can provide each guest with our full attention and the best version of us.  


All prices include GST. All prices are from and subject to variation without notice. All prices are based on regular appointments surcharges will apply for 

corrections/ once off appointments plus use of extra product. To obtain a quote, please schedule a consultation at Studio Vogue

Salon, no quotes will be given over the phone what so ever.


As per the Small Business and the Competition and Consumer Act, any problems with your service/ product must be reported within 1 (one) week of the original service by phone call or in person. As per the Small Business and the Competition and Consumer Act, Studio Vogue Salon will then adjust the service or replace the product at no charge, within 1(one) week of the report of the fault. If any ongoing queries or complaints this will be reported to management or salon owner for investigation and complaint will be required to be taken up with them directly for solution as per tonal policies. Refunds not negotiable. 


Rude / disrespectful clients will not be tolerated. All staff reserve the right to be treated in a courteous manner, to feel safe and preserve self worth. Failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave establishment by staff member / management immediately. Temporary, indefinite or permanent ban will be determined and this behaviour will 100% not be tolerated.  


Out of respect to all of our clients who spend their hard-earned money to have valued and relaxing time with us, we ask children to refrain from attending appointments and if this isn't an option please do let us know for confirmation or as so a more appropriate time to assist can be arranged. Children are less than encouraged to attend appointment/s for no other reason then courtesy to all parties involved from clients enjoying their relaxing time out to staff members trying to ensure to perform satisfactory services without distractions to the additional safety concerns for children while visiting a salon full of potential hazards. Unruly and loud clients and/or their children will be asked to leave the salon. This is a quiet space, loud electronics will also be asked to be put on silent to avoid disturbances. 

Failure to abide by policies set by Studio Vogue Salon at no fault to our own, will result in being unwelcome at our establishment. We thank you for your support and understanding as we look forward to being balanced not continue to look after you in the future and maintain only the highest quality.


Team Vogue XX